"Can Meditation Cure Disease?" Maureen Seaberg/Review by Susan

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Synesthesia, Tsa Lung Meditation, Dalai Lama, Neuroscience, Buddhism, and Cognitive Behavioral Processes are familiar terms, philosophies, and experience for New York City veteran journalist Maureen Seaberg. Maureen’s first book coming out in March 2011 from New Page Books is about synesthesia and is entitled "Tasting the Universe." Many of you may be acquainted with Maureen, who was a guest of Diplomatically Incorrect and Diplomat Artist and appeared with Tom Osborne on “Synesthsia: Seeing Red.” Says Maureen about her new book and personal experience as a synesthete herself, “there are people among us for whom the world is not just as it appears, but with an overlay of beautiful colors and forms and sensory impressions invisible to others. They are called "synesthetes." Synesthesia has been described as a cross-wiring of or lack of chemical inhibition between brain neurons that occurs in about five percent of the population; often among creative people like poets, writers and artists. Yet there are experts in the spiritual and quantum realms who say that the truth of synesthesia lay not only in the traditional sciences and the Arts but in the mystical. Meditative adepts such as Tibetan lamas, for example, experience synesthesia at extraordinary rates. The Bible even contains examples of synesthesia. * Marilyn Monroe was a synesthete, according to her biographer Norman Mailer. So are living entertainment legends Itzhak Perlman, Billy Joel and Pharrell Williams and other well-known artists. * The Buddhist "mind sense," which takes over when we dream and remains when we die, may be in charge of synesthesia, according to scholar Dr. Robert Thurman of Tibet House and Columbia University. * Tibetan lamas say they descend from a race of people who were all synesthetes. Maureen’s recent article “Can Meditation Cure Disease?” published in “The Daily Beast” presents the reader proof-positive of the power of mind over matter to help humans self-heal. It is the true story of Tibetan Lama Phakyab Rinpoche, who immigrated to the United States in his thirties with critical diabetes and Pott’s Disease. Gangrene advanced in his right leg and foot to the extent that New York City doctors recommended amputation. Rinpoche refused and instead practiced “Tsa Lung Meditation,” heal himself. “The progression of the degradation wasn’t simply halted—his leg was back from the dead.” Rinpoche’s courage, determination, and brain studies may afford scientists the 2011 medical miracle. This New Year make it your resolution to practice healthy lifestyle choices, read a good book to broaden your horizons, keep an open mind to meditation, alternative medications, and above all the power of mind over matter. Happy New Year, Susan Sacirbey Read: The Daily Beast, “Can Meditation Cure Disease?” by Maureen Seaberg www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-12-25/can-meditation-cure-disease/full/ Watch: “Synesthesia:Seeing Red” diplomaticallyincorrect.org/films/movie/synesthesia-seeing-red/21020 Join us on Facebook at Diplomatically Incorrect or Diplomat Artist. Follow us on Twitter @DiplomaticallyX.

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