Cancer becomes Cure Itself

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If cancer of Medical Sciences said the biggest challenge , but it may not be surprising that cancer is a cancer of a million patients are closed automatically and experts are surprised to see the events if you can find the cause of this terrible disease to humans chained in cancer constitutes liberation .

Recently, a 74 -year-old elderly woman in hospital whose right leg was purple bump on the road , and that was when their cancer tumors in cancer chemotherapy was not effective, nor out of the wound treatment was possible and that the only solution was proposed to be amputated leg and doctors informed of the patient while he waited for the right time to amputation.

Doctor did not see all the experts were surprised because the woman scanning and bawpsy were no signs of cancer.

Cancer woman after he went to a spiritual healer, and he declares God's charisma, but experts' automatic undo "or" spontaneous regression "say that they understand the process widely will be able to use the power of the majority of people with cancer can be delivered. Theoretically, the cells of our body's defense system changes immunization (s) can treat themselves by finding cancer cells, but the cells in the body are hidden and only appear when the water level is the and they are converted to fully cancerous tumor.

Similarly, in the UK due to a tumor in her uterus had no children, but their tumors are removed before they gave birth to a healthy child, this incident also ended their body within the cancerous tumor and the tumor disappeared during pregnancy is over.

In a number of cases in the US are different types of cancer which ended automatically, leukemia, cancer of the blood, including white blood cells that grow in a haphazard manner. Armenian Rasheedi Washington University says that we are the 46 cases which ended leukemia and only 8 people survived the cancer from coming back again later on the remaining victim of cancer.

This cancer is a strange disease that is very fast and quick stop is triggered when the loss is so common that the doctor-age children are waiting for the start of chemotherapy. But experts do not want to wait for nature to want to know agents who they eliminate cancer in children.

According to research in tumor cells in nyurublastuma (Sales) neurogruth factor (CNGF) without the ability to survive is that the tumors in his ability to disappear and probably caused by a natural change in the cell these receptors are involved in a drug target reseptors disease can be quickly removed.

After research found that 90 percent of leukemia patients to relieve suffering from pneumonia becomes immediately agrbld the second study of children with cancer, malaria, diphtheria, hepatitis, influenza and measles illness, including when neuroblastuma ends of them the strength to fight the cancer is a disease, but they have another question here is why. It is believed the body's immune system fight cancer, infections, gives power. Scientists are hopeful that further research and discover innovative ways to treat cancer.

These events are very rare cancer itself ended nearly a million people if it only happens with blood cancer, blood cancer, ask any doctor could disappear if the 99% of experts the answer will be.


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