Cancer without harming healthy cells of the body of the bright hopes of successful treatment

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According to researchers, the major feature of this technology is that it came with nanoparticles in medicine is the krjsm, Photos File

Boston: fatal diseases like cancer and Ebola generally considered incurable, but now the technology of nano-particles have discovered a treatment which kills only the cancer cells that cause the cancer to mwsralaj Hopes are once again turn bright.

Research in Boston after therapy has been discovered according to the Atomic Scale in nanotechnology or molecular substances permeate quickly into the living cell is introduced that causes the cancer cell killer works . According to researchers, the major feature of this technology is that it's krjsm with nanoparticles in medicine is the only cancer that target malignant cells and no damage to healthy cells of the body The infra-red rays nanoparticles does not increase the temperature of the heat, but it fell particles during the process of cancer cells in the body do not harm healthy cells.

The researchers explained that the study was 10 years, but efforts are underway to further improve and sophisticated method of nano-Stars has been made. The researchers said that the form of stars for these particles to the surface area of ​​the drug being more rapidly than it kills cancer cells because it is heated more quickly, liver and kidney from the use of nanoparticles To avoid the risk of being infected Lutetium (lanthanoid) component of our food being prepared nanoparticles affect the liver and kidneys will be saved.

Experts may secure complete the procedure to be used on the human body, however, bring about a revolution in cancer treatment before the ga.uazh chemotherapy in cancer treatment method not only cancer cells die ssy healthy cells in the body, but it takes the death of the patient is suffering.

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