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It is believed that cancer is a new disease but in fact it is not a new problem, it has a huge number of victims yearly around the world and it has a rising curve.

Cell division in the body must be regular for development and functions of organs and systems, this regularity is controlled and adjusted  according to needs of human body, when this regular and controlled division program disturbed or failed leads to formation of irregular masses, these masses are called tumor.Cancer can be in any part of body for example skin, bone, brain and hallow organs like stomach and intestines etc.

Many people fear from name of tumor because they think that whenever there is tumor it is malignant or cancer but actually it is wrong idea because we have benign tumors also like cysts, polyps, and warts etc, these sort of tumors multiply not fast and they are confined to one site not invading other organs, we do not say that they are completely free of risk, unfortunately they have capability of turning to malignant tumors.

Cancer does not develop suddenly but it is a result of long time(years or decades) irritation or effect of some agents on has many risk factors, like chronic irritation such as smoking, exposure to radiation and nutritional factors.

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Sadiq was born in Herat city of Afghanistan and joined Herat University then got the Sholarship from Cairo University and graduated from Faculty of medicine Cairo Univercity in 2012 . he is able to speak Persian, English,Arabic,he is interesting in reading, drawing and writing

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