Can't post Microblogs and comment #Bitlanders-issues

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I slept early last night because my internet connection is slow again. Maybe because of the fogs. I can't visit others because the page kept on loading for how many minutes, that's why I went to bed early and planned to  wake up around 2  a.m. Because that's the time my internet is fast. I hate this because it delays my work.

But when I woke up, I can no longer post in my microblog.I can't even put a comment. What's wrong with bitlanders? I tried posting videos and it worked. Even in my Gallery I can post there too. Only here in microblogs, I can't post anything. That's why I used my gallery to greet my co-members a Happy Valentines day!!!!!


Happy Valentines Day...!!!


Keep safe when you are going for a date or going out  for group date or family date. Enjoy everyone!!!!

Love is in the air.


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