Capitalism and Evolution: The war for truth on two fronts.

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In our universe today, laws of nature we cannot ignore are the center points of disagreement among many individuals. Individuals who fight for what they think is right, believing that we as humans can ignore or resist the laws of nature. The reason for this belief is a care for humans as individuals and a knowledge that the law of nature they oppose can and is being used as a tool by others to destroy lives. Believers in evolution ask for the proof that individuals would use the natural law of evolution to destroy the lives of others. At the same time, believers in capitalism ask for the proof that individuals would use the natural law of capitalism to destroy the lives of others. Asking for this proof and demonstrating blind belief in a natural law perpetuates the disagreement and ignores the fact that laws of nature do not require or request anyone's belief in them. They simply exist.

So if one uses time looking up evidence that capitalists sabotage government programs, it would say nothing about the conflict of interest already present in any government enforcer or regulator. Likewise, if one uses time looking up evidence that evolutionist programs like agenda-21 seek to take lives, it would say nothing about some of the extreme measures individuals are willing to take to stop the understanding of evolution. It is important to note that agenda-21 works against evolution yet to naturally happen. And, capitalists sabotaging governments work against capitalism. Most importantly finding any evidence, changes nothing regarding the belief, it only proves that some people choose to do evil while sighting truths as legitimate justification. Who says that can't happen?

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