Career opportunities in Government sector

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Career opportunities in Government sector

Government sector is mainly concerned or focused in providing the basic services related to the government organizations.Government sector is also known as private sector.These basic services are provided to the people by the government of an economy.This bifurcation of government services varies a somewhat in almost every country depending on the economy of that country.

Types of government jobs:

Government jobs include services like:




Fire services

Public transit

Jobs for economic and international development

Legal services

Human resources



Civil services

Public relations


Health care and education services.

Eligibility criteria:

The eligibility criteria in government sector differs as per the type of job.Different eligibility criteria is required so as to be capable for the job.As for example,a government job in bank,one needs to have a graduation degree.People owing to work in a telephone government sector needs to complete a diploma or a degree.People looking for a government job at hospital/nursing homes or any other medical institute e need to have a MBBS degree or  a B.Sc degree.This was a vague eligibility criteria,it differs as per the job requirements.

Talking about the past or present or may be future,Government jobs as always are the attracting jobs that people look for.Even the young generation is more inclined towards the government sector.Everyone is fighting  a race to clear various competitive entrance examinations so as to be eligible for a government sector.People wish to make a bright career in government sector.People in large number  appear for this competitive entrance examinations so as to be a part of government sector.Candidates enter the first gate of  Government sector by clearing this exams.

There are many exams conducted for recruitment in government sector.Entrance exams such as UPSC,SSC,SBI common,IBPS ectc.

Candidates need to fill up an application form to appear for this entrance exams.Along with this entrance examinations there are several other ways through which recruitment process for government sector can be carried out.This depends on the psot applied for or on the medium of application.

Advantages of  Government  Sector:

-Job security: Jobs in government sector is less at risk to work for and thus remains intact.

-Pay structure:The pay structure of a government sector,after the introduction of 6th pay commission is damn interesting and attractive that people wish for.

-Working hours:Keeping aside all other benefits of government sector,this is one of the most important factor to be considered for, this is what I believe.The working hours of a government sector is standard,unlike any other sector.Along with this,Government employees are benefitted with attractive overtime benefits when need to work extra.

-Promotions:Government employees always get the promotional benefit.In government jobs,promotion is always based on the service period,thus the longer you work,higher are the promotional opportunities.

-Benefits and Perks: A government employees gets many benefits such as retirement benefits,pension plans,medical,housing,loans,,childcare,etc.

-Increase in salary,extra facilities like internet,LTC,etc.Also the government holidays adds to the advantage of working in a government sector.

But not to forget, government jobs also has some of the disadvantages.Finally it depend on an individual to opt for a government or a private sector job.

Candidates do keep in mind that there is age limit for getting a job or applying for a public sector unit.this age limit differs from one post to another.Hence as soon as possible,candidates need to hurry up so as to apply for a government job.Not to deny with the fact,that government jobs assures a healthy and successful growth of an individual.

Government releases recruitment notification through various reliable resources such as newspaper,advertisement,online job portals,etc.Do keep updating through this channels and avail the government jobs.There is always an infinite opportunity to work in a government sector hence give a thought and start working for it!

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