Carro is to Reward As Stick is to Punishment

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Life is not a free ride to enjoy every dashing breeze of existence. Right or wrong, either could bring consequence. We must pay sometimes, by all stinging sticks available. An unpleasant doing will bring you to it without the benefit of considered necessary warnings. And that’s the time when we whine, for we feel to deserve uncalled carrots, peeled and bite-ready—now you’re a rabbit.

This isn’t the distinctive carrot is to reward, stick is to punishment.

Family first, it has been the motto. It’s been the real carrots of our life. They are the strength of character that erects us when deprived. Guide us behind every time we forefront somewhat adversary and undesirable that could send us to a downfall. Look around you; can’t you see the wandering kids along the sidewalk? They seem so lost and needs direction, spent years calling for carrots but been ignored. They are given with bundled-sticks against their will instead. They are in dire need of family who could lift them in high spirits

We know what we want but not what we need; we want everything comes our way. We hate to see those bits and pieces to disappear in our life. It may possibly friends, fashion, career, technology, investments, properties and dreams. We wish to keep them our whole life, with all our might. We want to be the rabbit to carry on those buckets of unnecessary carrots on one occasion. And that’s when we disregard to set sense of balance of everything in tow. We fail to put ourselves in brightness and so do happiness. We fail to see ourselves as luckier than we thought. We lack contentment.


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