Causes of Depression (Do read ) :)

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Causes of Depression


A mental state characterized by a negative sense of deficiency and a despondent lack of activity is known as Depression.

The depression is an extremely complicate disease. It occurs for many reasons like the death of loved ones, mental illness, and loss of big amount of money.

But some of the major causes or we can say the factors of Depression are:-

  • Past sexual abuse can cause depression in future life.
  • If a person worries a lot, or is sensitive or is negative minded, he might be a victim of depression.
  • A depressed person is addicted to drugs and alcohol and ruins his life.
  • Depression may be due to the serious illness.
  • Depression may result from if a person has a conflict with his dearest one like parents, wife and children.


  • Depression may be due to the loneliness. You want to live alone and don’t want that any one interact with you.
  • Even good events such as starting a new job, graduating, or getting married can lead to depression.
  • So can moving, losing a job or income, getting divorced, or retiring.
  • Another cause can be the deficiency of vitamins.
  • May be due to lack of sleep. i.e., Sleepless nights.
  • May be due to the Laziness.
  • May be due to the lack of self confidence. The fear of how people react if I do this.
  • May be due to the less interaction with your social life.
  • May be due to the less interaction with your relatives, friends etc.
  • May be due to failure in any dream our mission .

But we lose in only one condition when we quit .So never quit.It can be overcome if one avoids all such things that are listed above and try to do such things that maintain your busy life in a good way and that can’t let your mental condition badly effect by such types of depression by trying to thing positive and do positive things.

Still thinking and staying in a same state never works ,only things that will work is action .Use your time in a positive manner and do try to admit your responsibilities ,your actions ,your bad and good acts.Do exercise daily and take a healthy diet for you and your mind. Do tell me your point of view about depression .




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