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برنامه كه هفته گذشته من تماشا كردم از طريق برنامه شصت دقيقه تلويزيون سي بي اس نيوز، در مورد يك بيسبالر آمريكايي به‌نام روبرت آلن ديكي بود.

روبرت آلن ديكي در سال 1947 در ايالت متحده آمريكا چشم به جهان گشود. و حالا در تورينتو بلو جيز  ليگ برتر بيسبال عضو است.

او در اين برنامه در مورد يك اتفاق تاريك زندگي اش هم قصه كرد. او گفت كه زمانيكه او يك بچه هشت ساله بود، مورد تجاوز جنسي قرار گرفت كه تا حالا هم از اين ناحيه رنج مي‌برد.

و همچنان پيرامون عواقب بد اين كار صحبت كرد و به او عده‌ي كه مورد ضرب و شنم تجاوز جنسي قرار مي‌گيرند گفت كه بايد نزد داكتران متخصص مراجعه نمايند.

The recent 60 minutes program I watched through CBS News TV network was about an American baseball pitcher whose name was Robert Allen Dickey.

R.A Dickey was born in 1947 in the United States of America. Now, he is a member of Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball.

He also talked about the darkest story of his life on 60 minutes program of CBS News. He said that when he had been an 8 year-old- child he suffered a sexual abuse. This dark event of his life has affected his current life too. He has been in depression while he was an adult.

As well as he talked about the aftermaths of people struggle with  with sexual abuse. He said that people suffering from severe symptoms should seek immediate help through trusted doctors and local networks.

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