Celebration of Chinese New Year Part-3

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On the New Year’s Eve, there is a big family dinner. All the family members are invited to this dinner and are supposed to be present there for the great meal. Even if they have to travel many miles to reach the home of their parents, the Chinese do gather to have the meal with their older generation.

Old quarrels and petty disputes are forgotten. Everybody tries to be the first one to forget quarrels and welcome the members of the opponent family. Soon, all the differences are forgotten. The Chinese believe that all debts must be paid on the last day of the year.


After the dinner the children keep awake to welcome the New Year. Some people think that the parents will live longer if their children keep awake to greet the New Year. The lights switched on the New Year’s Eve remain on for three to four days as a good omen.


The New Year’s celebrations last for fifteen days from the new moon to the full moon. On the first day, the children and unmarried people go to visit their elders, and greet them with wishes for a happy, prosperous life. Often they give a cup of tea to their elders and receive red packets containing money.

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