Celebration of Eid in Afghanistan

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This observe that different people have their different customs for celebration and happiness according to their believes.

Eid _ ul _fitr is one of the most important, significant and biggest holy days, that all the Muslims in the entire world celebrate from these days.

So, Afghanistan is also one of the Islamic countries that follow Islamic rules, There are two Eids, one is small (Eid_ ul_ fitr) and the other is big (Eid Qurban) which celebrate in a all around the Islamic countries.

In Afghanistan, Muslims are predominant. As per their culture Eid ul-Fitr has significant importance, which they celebrate for 3 days. Eid Mubarak or Blessed Eid is a most common salutation that one receives. Eid is famous among community that speaks Pashto, they call it Kochnai Akhtar. People of Afghanistan get preparation for Eid ten days before the celebration, by cleaning the houses, go shopping, making new clothes and so more. Afghans go to local bazaars for buying new sweets, fresh and dry fruit, snacks and clothes

Some of special treats that they serve during festival of Eid are Shor-Nakhod made from chickpeas,(they boil peas in hot water until it solve in the water, then they mixed it with peeper, salt, and vinegar to eat) , cake and cookies or a simple cake like a pound cake and Jalebi or Jelabi.

Small Eid (Eid ul-Fitr) comes after a whole one month fast, Muslims fast (they don’t eat and drink anything from the early morning to early night, to aggress and worshiping of God).


People get their selves ready before coming these happiness days.
They clean and make up their apartment, buildings and houses, In Persian; this slang is famous as Khana Takani (house cleaning). All the people who have or haven’t good economic situation buy new clothes, arrange and cook delicious foods and drinks.



On Eid ul-Fitr, Afghans first perform Eid prayers. Eid means friendship, forgiveness, destroying of angriness, sadness, and clinch each other that mean we forgive each other, which everything was continuing between us.

The most important influence of Eid is ending of sadness, arguing and battle that exists between two persons or family.

Custom of people in Eid days:

In the first day of Eid all the Muslims perform pray of the Eid, from that time the happiness of people start, and then greeting with everyone who they know or don’t know, wearing new suited and booted clothes.

Smaller go to their parents, Grandparents and bigger relatives, grooms go to their father and mother in law, for respect and give congratulate of Eid for them.


Then they gather at home along with families greeting each member saying “Eid Mubarak”. They usually add “Eidet Mobarak Roza wa Namazet Qabool Dakhel Hajiha wa Ghaziha”. It means “Happy Eid; may God accept your prayers and fasting and you might be selected among others who in future go to Hajj-pilgrimage.” Elders of every family give gifts and money to their children. Also it is a common practice that every family visits other families and friends. It is difficult for them to do this during other times in a year.

The adults who are engaged, fiancés carry gifts, clothes; confectionary and other decorated things for their fiancée s as Eidy (gift of Eid).

Most of them divided these three days of the Eid to different people.
They go to their parents and near relatives in the first day of the Eid, in the second day of the Eid they go and see their friends, classmates and the other relatives,
and in  one of these days they stay at home for hosting of  guests.






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he has been teaching english language in herat e bastan training center since 2012.

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