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It was perhaps in 1980 when the mobile phone was introduced to the people of the world. It was very expensive and could be afforded one by those who had a lot of money in their pockets or who believed that they had to remain in contact with so many people so as to promote their business. It had a very limited range and so was not of much use for the common people.

However, with the passage of time, people learnt its use and several mobile companies launched their sets and several communication companies jumped into the arena and the result was that it became not only cheap but also an easy way of communication to almost all the people over the world for many mobile companies extended the range of their communication.

It helps us to remain in constant touch with our near and dear ones. The travelers can inform their families about their safe arrival at their destination; the children can inform their parents about their activities; the officers can contact their subordinates in connection with important meetings and besides this so many other things can be done.

You can get your seats reserved in the trains, buses and planes. Picnics and parties can be arranged. Even dates of marriages can be fixed irrespective of the fact whether you are at your home, in your offices or travelling by bus, train or airplane. It is very useful for traders.

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