Central Treaty Organization (CENTO)

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Central Treaty Organization (CENTO)

                In 1955 AD, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Iraq and the United Kingdom (UK) signed an agreement for helping each other in social and economic development and more importantly to defend the region together in case of foreign invasion. The treaty was called the Bagdad pact, as it was signed in Bagdad the capital of Iraq. The super power United States of America (USA) did not signed the contract but support it actively.

                The major problem occurred for the Muslim members of the pact when the United Kingdom (UK) invades Egypt in 1956 AD in Suez Crisis. According to the United Kingdom (UK) the Government of Egypt was an enemy of peace in the region, but the Egyptian policies were very popular with the Muslim people in the member countries. Later in 1959 AD, Iraq withdrew from the pact and it was renamed the Central Treaty Organization (CENTO). However the advantage of this treaty was that the three Muslim countries (Pakistan, Iran and Turkey) came closer and later formed Regional Corporation for development (RCD) in 1964 AD. Now days it has called the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO). CENTO came to an end when Iran announced, after the Islamic Revolution in 1979 AD, that it  would leave the organization, and Pakistan also withdrew.     


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