Challenges Faced by America in Middle East:

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Some of the great challenges faced by the United States of America in the region are s follow:

1. Islamic Fundamentalism:
Today the most outstanding development in the arena of global politics was the growing concern for the increased & accelerated Islamic Fundamentalism. Today America is pressing hard on Islamic Fundamentalism in a world wide compaign and its areas of concern are the South Asia & Middle East.
Afghanistan, Algeria, Iran, Libya and Sudan etc have already been on the top list of America. In their eyes these are the regions from where the terrorist activities grow and have engulfed the whole world.
The blowing of US embassy in Tanzania & recent attacks on New York has given deep shocks to the U.S policy makers to go deep into the they’ve came out with some serious strategies to tackle these “terrorists” through out the world. A very huge amount of budget has been allocated to root it out. So, today the most threatening challenge in Middle East to the U.S is Islamic Fundamentalism.
2. Arms Race:
Another challenge to the U.S authorities is the threat of arms race in the region. Even in the cold war Soviet Union was able to transfer massive arms to friendly countries like Iraq and Egypt. Now the arms race between different nations and the growing concern to acquire nuclear capability has compelled America to come out with some serious plans so that to prevent this on going arms race in the region.
3. Arab-Israel Conflict:

Despite of many eye washing efforts America has failed to assuage the feelings of violent Arabs especially Palestinian who have been deprived of their land by establishment of Israel. From very beginning Arabs has started their arm struggle to whip Israel off the map. Now Israel has fortified its position it is very difficult for Arabs to reconcile with the new changes so they have adopted ways & means to disturb their fortification through suicide attacks on the Israeli army.
As a sole super power it was and it is the duty of America to settle the dispute but up-till now no concrete peace settlement has been reached & Israelies have started militarizing new zones of Palestinian territory like Rammala, Gaza strip & Bait-ul-Laham.
4. Arab Unity:
Another challenge to the U.S is the Arab unity because if they are united, then it would be virtually impossible for her to pursue her interests in the region. Although many efforts have been made to unite the Muslim World at large and the Arab World at the regional level but all such efforts have met with disappointment due to one reason or the other but to America it is still a very dangerous future prospect in case they are united for which she had adopted many strategies like that of media onslaught and the economic enslavement through debts. It is of primary concern to keep Arabs divided so that she can fulfill her needs in a divided region.

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