Champneys Spa Treatments Hand and Nail Cream - Review

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Price and Availability

I got this as a Christmas present in a big gift set, but having looked it up it is available in Boots,, and It is £6 at Boots and, £10.50 on and £5.49 on It is currently on offer in Boots as pat of a 3 for 2 promotion on Skincare, Hand and Body, No7, indulgent bathing & Vitamins ( a bit random). It comes in one size which is 75ml.

The Packaging matches the rest of the SPA Treatments range and is slightly frosted plastic with gold details, the lid is gold and so is the writing, there is also a gold panel across the top with Champneys in cut out. It does look like a luxurious product.

In Use
The cream is a good consistency, it s thick but not overly so, it sinks into the skin well, but I do find it leaves my hands feeling a little greasy after I have applied it, which is no good if you need to use your hands for a while afterwards, for example to rite or type or do anything precise. The smell is very strong for my liking, it is a floral talc/potpourri type of smell and it can be a bit overwhelming if I am sat writing after applying it (I tend to lean over a lot when writing so my head ends up quite close to my hands), it even makes my eyes water.
It does make my hands look fresher and feel nice and moisturised after I apply it and if I don't end up washing t off they keep feeling nice and nourished for a good few hours after applying it.

This cream has it's pros and cons, it is nice and creamy, applies well, leaves your hands looking good and feeling nourished but it has a greasy residue and the smell is overwhelming so I can only give it 3 stars. For £6 for such a littlebottle I really would expect a lot better.

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