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We observe lots of things around us. Some of them are alive while others are non-living. Can somebody of us differentiate living things from non-living things? Human beings, animals, plants and micro organisms are living things. Even if living things look dissimilar from one another, some base characteristics are common to all of them. Both animals and plants need positive things to survive.

FACTORS NECESSARY FOR LIFE. All living things require food; food provides power to living organisms, which is required for life behavior. Food also makes existing materials wanted for growth and revamp of the body. Human beings and animals cannot arrange their food; they devour plant materials or other animals as their food.

WATER. Living things cannot stay alive without water, we all take in water. Water is 60% to 75% of our body mass.

AIR. All living things require oxygen for their endurance. We gasp in the air and our lungs attract oxygen of the air. Plants also need carbon dioxide of air to organize food.

LIGHT. Plants prepare food in the attendance of sunlight for themselves and for other organisms. Humans and animals see things with the help of light.


(MOVEMENT ). Living things have the skill to move from place to place on their own. Movement in animals can be effortlessly observed. Animals demonstrate unusual types of actions. Humans, monkeys, horses and many other animals walk or sprint on their feet. The query is that Do plants also move……? Movement in plants is not as famous as in animals. Usually, plants stay fixed to a place but their parts can move.

Non-living things cannot be in motion by themselves. However, they can be made to move by applying some outer force.

GROWTH. We were very little when born. We have grown to be a smart boy or girl. Growth will continue and after a few years you will be a young lady or a man. Likewise, when a seed is sown, it produces a small sprout that grows to an mature plant. Growth is a progressive modify in the size of the body.

RE-PRODUCTION.  All living things produce youthful ones of their own kind. Dogs produce puppies and cats give delivery to kittens. A hen lays eggs that hatch into chicks. A tree produces seeds that germinate to form fresh plants.

CHARACTERS ARE INHERITED FROM PARENTS. Offspring look like their parents. Kittens resemble cats and chicks look like hen and cock. This is since characters are passed on from parents to offspring.

SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES AMONG MEMERS OF ONE KIND OF            ORGANISMS.  We all on this earth belongs one genus. We are all human beings. Human beings have a lot of characters in ordinary; all of us have a nose, two ears and two eyes. We have hair on our body; we have the same four types of teeth. In spite of similarities, we are different from one another in many other facial appearance. Some of us have curly hair while others have straight hair, some can roll tongue like letter U, other cannot do so. Some are tall others are short.












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