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Each culture has its own set of characteristics that make it unique. The German people, for instance, are known for their orderliness, creative energy, loyalty, and some unique habits when it comes to body language.

What many of us may not know is that the Germans very neat and almost always follow a strict set of rules. This is a great quality when it comes to order within a society for instance, trains are always on time and people are expected to be very punctual where lateness to a meeting is perceived as disrespectful and disruptive.

The only slight drawback with this sort of mentality is that everything is in strict control and there isn't much room for leniency.

Germans are also known for their physical energy meaning, they are very innovative, hard-working and superior builders. The German people love to keep busy and use every minute of every day to improve any work, location, design, you name it. This was best shown in the military where German soldiers would constantly stay busy trying to improve their campsite or equipment.

Another common habit before the German people is their intense loyalty that is borderline unhealthy. As we can recall, complete and unquestionable loyalty by the majority of German people to Adolf Hitler practically destroyed the country and led to immoral amounts of death.

But loyalty to a good cause is an amazing quality to have, as It shows honor to an organization, family, country, and everyone close to you. Loyalty brings camaraderie and builds trust within a group of people, making them feel respected and secure.

The primary pitfall of this intense amount of loyalty is that, as we have seen throughout history, evil doers and organizations can exploit and manipulate the German public by using their loyalty against them. Some simple differences between the German public and the rest the world is the Germans are known for wearing their wedding rings on the right hand, and usually hold a piece of bread in their right hand when eating.

So if you're in Germany or looking to visit Germany, consider these cultural characteristics and apply them to your life so that you too, can feel the true essence of Germany.

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