Characters rapresenting fanatism in Brave New World - Part 2

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There is one more fanatico character, and it is the most unfortunate believer of World State: her name is Linda. This woman is a Beta-Minus who, during a journey, has lost in the Savage Reservation. When this happens, she is pregnant: Linda is the mother of John Savage. She makes her appearance when Bernard and Lenina go in the Reservation for a pleasure trip.

Immediately she reveals to be an ex World State’s citizen: when she sees Lenina and her Beta’s dresses, Linda is excited and amazed. Unfortunately, Lenina doesn’t return this felling: she actually feels disgusted by the woman and by her appearance (Linda is fat, old and consumed by alcohol). Life in the Reservation hasn’t been easy for Linda: her modern way of thinking has made her alone in the world of the savages. Linda doesn’t have more luck even when she comes back to the World State: everyone she meets feels the same emotion felt by Lenina. With the return to civilization, also fanatico behaviors returns: Linda throw herself into an endless soma dream, which will lead her to death. This woman is the example that all the years of conditioning cannot be erased from someone’s mind.

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