Charity in Islam. Advantages and Blessings

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Hello friends,

I’m going to discuss a religious activity of Islam and its benefits in the society. I’m quite sure that my blog will help you a lot in knowing more about this activity.
I will discuss Charity. In my blog first I would like to tell you a brief introduction about charity.

What is the Charity?


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Charity is well known not only in Islam but also in other religions. Charity means to help someone who really needs it. When a person donates money or something else for only helping a needy person then it is known as charity.

In Islam, charity means to help a needy and poor person so that he can fulfill his requirements and needs. You can donate money or daily need things such as foods to a poor person only for getting the reward from God after death.


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Charity is a great activity which has benefits in the society. I will discuss them here in brief.

Benefits of Charity:


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The charity has many advantages and benefits in the society and its effects are discussed below.

For human welfare:


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Helping mankind is very useful and its effects on human welfare are unbelievable. Due to charities, people get their needs fulfilled completely and its effects on human welfare as well.

For poor people:


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Charities help a lot for poor people to take their needs filled. Rich people have all things in daily life but poor people are unable to collect food and clothes. Helping them will lead them to live a happy life. They will complete their needs and will play a good rule in society.

For a healthy society:


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Helping the needy people will make the society more powerful and healthier. Poor people will play an important role to make the society and country powerful.

For a better living style of poor people:

Due to charities, people can live a better life and they can work better and efficiently.

For satisfaction:


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Giving charities will give a special satisfaction to your heart. You will get a special peace of mind by giving charities.

For rewards from God:


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By giving charities to the deserving people, you will get the reward from almighty Allah after the death on judgment day. Your acts will be counted by almighty Allah.


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Donating charities will help those people who deserve it and this act will also satisfy you and your heart will find a special happiness. Charities are also donated to some organizations which further divide goods foods and cash to deserving people in different areas of the country.
Edhi is one of the best examples, this organization is working very best in Pakistan and it is collecting funds and donations from all over the world. Edhi Foundation is working hard to find deserving people to be helped.

Edhi foundation was built by Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Charities in Islam:


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Our religion Islam insists to all Muslims to help our poor brothers. Islam orders us to donate our extra rupees and foods to the poor people. This act is also known as Zakat in the Arabic language.

Zakat or charity is compulsory for those people who have minimum seven and a half carrot of gold or 52 carrots of silver or cash amount against this collection.

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These people are strictly ordered to give donations or zakat to the deserved people once in the year.
If a person fails or denies to give charities then he or she will be punished on the judgment day.
Giving charities will lead an Islamic society to succeed. Giving charities will also create love and happiness among the Muslims society. Charities are delivered mostly in the month of Ramadan. Charities are donated to close relatives first. If no close relative is found then it may be delivered to other deserving people.
Charities play an important role to maintain the Muslim society. It creates peace in society and crimes are controlled easily.


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Dear friends and Athens: Giving donations will not only lead you to success but your actions will also increase your earnings. You will get your mind refreshed from all problems and your money will also get a special purification.


The purpose of writing this blog was to lead you to the success and to tell you benefits of giving charities. Donations are made only to deserving people. Try finding them near you and in your relatives. If you are unable to find deserving people then find it in your town first.
Giving charities will lead society to success and happiness. Crimes will vanish and society will become powerful and happy

There are many organizations which are collecting donations in the world. Some NGO's are also working for social welfare. We should take advantage of them for giving funds and donations. We should also get proper information about them before giving them our funds. 

I’m sure my blog will give you a better idea about charities. Thanks for spending your precious time here.

Best of luck

Asad munib

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