Chatbots: The Present And The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

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Chatbots: The Present And The Future Of Artificial Intelligence - Photo credit: medium, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

The Internet and the newest mobile technologies are rapidly changing the way how we communicate. ultimately, we don’t need to meet in a person or write letters to exchange information. Even on the phone, we can no longer talk - for this, there are other technologies. And in the last decade, the industry boomed, which often makes it possible to eliminate the dialogue person - person, replacing it with the option person - computer. To do this, companies use special software called chatbot. This term refers to computer programs which create the illusion of meaningful communication with a person through the Internet.

Of course, customers will not stop calling to the classic call centers on non-standard issues. But chatbots will be able to take nearly all of the repeated requests. Therefore, the day when we all start chatting with chatbots is inevitable. However, for some of us, the chatbot still seems magical.

Who would believe that few years down the line, would result in the better development of artificial intelligence aiding chatbots to broaden the horizons of significant business houses? This shows how less comedic the chatbots have gradually developed, from past to present. As a result of our current understanding of a chatbot is quite simple, a chatbot known as a talk-bot, interactive agent, or Artificial Conversational Entity.

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Surely, communicating with a chatbot, many imagine it like a friendly robot. Of course, everything is much more prosaic. Unfortunately or fortunately, such a robot does not exactly sit behind the screen. 

In simple terms, chatbots are virtual interlocutors, programs that imitate a living person. The work's base is the algorithm of artificial intelligence. Convenience and efficiency are on their side.


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The Basis Of The Chatbot

Few users are ready to create their chatbot from scratch. This creation will need some knowledge and time, especially since we already have a lot of services available that will do everything for you. It is enough to know that you can create a chatbot in any programming language that has the web API function.

All known instant messengers always provide detailed tutorials on how to associate your chatbot with their platform.

We know two types of chatbots: the first type has a set of rules, and the second type has machine learning. This distribution means that the first type responds exclusively to very specific commands, departures from which make chatbot useless. Such a chatbot will act only within the specified algorithms.

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A more advanced version has artificial intelligence - machine learning. These AI chatbots already understand human language, not a set of commands. Communication's opportunities are much wider. And AI chatbots are trained after each communication session.

Modern Opportunities Of Chatbots

Due to the chatbots qualities, they have become widespread. The list of opportunities includes consultations on medicine, law, insurance, shopping, and sales, investing, and other areas.

In fact, a modern chatbot is able to answer any question; you just need to load information into it. The main thing is that such a program works quickly and almost always unmistakably, completely replacing the person.

First of all, chatbots are used for customer support. Usually, a dozen employees are responsible for customers support. Each has its own area of issues resolving. At the same time, all the questions that customers turn to the company are fairly typical and repetitive. The chatbot can take all this. Imagine: a few dozen people, to whom you pay wages, in fact, do not bring a single penny to the company! At the same time, a chatbot can solve most tasks.


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The chatbot will tell you how to find a gym or a cafeteria in the office, help the customers with any issue, tell you the latest news or remind you about a seminar, and can also be used as a knowledge base on typical issues: how to order an office, an authorization to a visitor, etc. There can be spent a lot of time on simple issues. But all these processes can make a robot in the chatbot.

But that's not all. A chatbot can help collect analytics both during and after the event, collect feedback after a conference or seminar: what kind of speakers were most helpful, what you liked and what didn't. And we can also automate the collection of analytical data.

Chatbot with an artificial intelligence robot can make life easier for accountants: issuing certificates, information about documents for applying for a job, and so on. These processes can also be given to the caring hands of the chatbot.


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One of the popular functions is the organizer, when a chatbot independently creates a schedule, analyzing the received code, and providing several options for distributing time. This is very convenient when a person has a tight schedule. In fact, the chatbot performs the role of secretary, helping to save time and money.

Chatbots took the place of assistants in search engines and messengers. Their responsibilities include both simple search and analytics. In the entertainment sector, we use chatbots as an interlocutor or tutorial. Especially it is interesting for children.

In online games, chatbots are often used that automate the process of the game when a computer actually plays for the user. The player only gives the basic commands. This saves a lot of time.


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Exchanges' chatbots are more serious. Their task is to track and analyze all information on the trading field and make recommendations to the broker. Of course, such a chatbot will not replace man, but it will greatly facilitate his work. The share of transactions made by chatbots reaches 30%, which is not small.

Types And Functions Of Chatbots

Chatbots are not always secure. So, they have long been adapted for criminal needs. Cases of cheaters bots or finding users' passwords and logins are not rare.

There are several types of chatbots:

Consultants - from simple managers in online stores to medical and legal services. Their duties are to communicate with potential and real client, answering all sorts of questions.

Helpers - we find it in messengers and search engines. They help in the search for information and carry out its primary analysis.


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Entertainment - often a virtual interlocutor that answers questions. Programs are trained on the left messages, and over time can replace the real interlocutor.

Business chatbots - the task of these programs is to optimize the work making it more efficient. They don't work for you, but they make it easier. They are very popular with brokers and traders when it is urgent to find out the status of the stock exchange. Also, they are well proven to collect statistics on a particular online company.

The function of chatbots lies in the plane of working services when you need to quickly and at any time, answer a question or make an analysis of the situation. They allow you to save on web staff making the work automated.


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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chatbot

Chatbots have firmly conquered their niche, and there are several reasons for this:

Providing feedback to users 24 hours a day on any channels. This is perhaps the most obvious advantage of chatbots.

- Like a computer, they do an excellent job with computational operations and analyze databases in seconds, producing the optimal solution.

- Automates routine activities, allowing you to save on staff.

- As an assistant, the chatbot is not much different from the person, while it works many times faster.

- The chatbot is fast for searching. This is very important when working with large amounts of data, such as in jurisprudence.

Chatbots are rapidly improving and in some areas are able to completely replace a person.


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The disadvantages include:

- Many functions are done to the detriment of efficiency. In an effort to create a universal chatbot, programmers often fail to work out each component, which is why all the work is not entirely correct.

- Simple algorithms. To create a powerful chatbot, you must have a great technological base. This is not available to the common user.

- Imperfect interface. Usually, you have to communicate with a chatbot by typing. Artificial intelligence does not always understand what the human asks and, it cannot react to emotions.

Despite the shortcomings, there are areas where the chatbot has worked well. Moreover, they are constantly being upgraded.


AI vs. AI. Two chatbots talking to each other -  Video credit: youtube 

The Future of Chatbots

The main problem with the chatbot, in fact, one - not all clients and customers want to communicate with it. Someone perceives it as insufficient attention from the company; someone just does not want to talk to the piece of iron. But after a couple of years, we will not even guess that we communicate with the bot.

First, companies are actively teaching chatbots human language. Secondly, there will be accumulated many statistics, and all typical operations can be given to a robot who can communicate with clients in their own language.

Chatbots have appeared a long time ago' however, they have recently become a fashion trend. It is still not entirely clear how this market will develop. Obviously one thing - the range of application of such chatbots is very wide, and big companies interest in them. So, technology will invest a lot of money.


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Experienced programmers are now exploring this niche. Maybe we are waiting for a new revolution when chatbots will replace mobile bots, and social networks may become a thing of the past, leaving their place to new messengers. One way or another, but the base of artificial intelligence is rapidly improving, and such developments fit well into the concept of robotization of humanity in the future.

On A Final Note 

Although the technology has been known for a long time, the popularity of the instant messengers has jumped in recent years. And the thing is this. While the older generation uses voice communication and SMS messages in the old way, adolescents and young people born at the turn of the millennium had time to get over social networks and found them an uncomfortable way of communication. If to believe statistics, the number of users of instant messengers is now approaching 3 billion, and in the future, this figure will only grow - the new generation chooses instant messengers.

Like any fashion trend, chatbots are of great interest among programmers and all who deal with artificial intelligence. The main question is whether they will become a breakthrough that will replace mobile applications and social networks, or will remain a promising project. The latest news on this front was monitoring the popularity of chatbots. This may indicate that the face of the Internet will once again change, now due to artificial intelligence.

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Those who have mastered artificial intelligence, and those who still ignore this trend, form a noticeable gap. The business of the first ones will grow faster. After all, with the help of artificial intelligence, they can overtake competitors and redirect budgets to processes that directly generate income.

Currently, artificial intelligence technologies have not yet reached the peak of their development, but in the future, they will provide chatbots with a leading role in all business processes. Already, chatbots are able to instantly analyze a huge amount of data and suggest a person a solution.

Modern chatbots are constantly improving and expanding. Now they can be found in social networks and in serious business. Artificial intelligence is not mistaken while also significantly saving time. Big money is now invested in these technologies, and the range of distribution is very wide.

One can only guess about the possibilities the chatbots of the future will have. In fact, a person will be able to get a virtual interlocutor, a dialogue with which will be no less interesting than live communication with a person.


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Artificial intelligence is not a distant future but quite a tangible present. Implement technology today; otherwise, you risk saying goodbye to market positions.

The chatbots of the future don’t just respond to questions. They talk. They think. They draw insights from knowledge graphs. They forge emotional relationships with customers.- Christi Olson

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