Cheating in India to upset the world, was amazing

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Patna: The phenomenon of cheating in the examination which is common in the Indian subcontinent basic educational infrastructure in the two countries is on the brink of disaster in the Indian state of Bihar became too much for the young students to demonstrate his love put in jeopardy of life for the help of throws.

Matriculation Examination in India these days are issued and a copy is at its peak during the spring was too much aurnql been this way when the world was worried that the interesting thing to imitate that the young man who sitting exams by providing your girlfriends love to duplicate content are believed dlarhy.

Indian media quoted the Vaishali district of Bihar in a released young multi-storey school building, not a cram in scores and such scenes, not only in Vaishali, Bihar often will appear in duplicate to the administration, there is helpless before the authorities of helplessness can be judged from the fact that Bihar Chief Minister of Education in a statement the student's parent far as to say without the cooperation of the exam to copy is not possible.

The 14 million students in the state of Bihar in matriculation examinations are busy place in the entire state rather than copying News are common efforts to stop the replication of the students and their parents to violence came down and felt like someone they are trying to take away the right to copy.

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