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Its a shame to see so many girls, girlfriends, wives, fiancees cheating with their partners and not only girls even boys but the cheating rate is higher in girls. Why would a girl cheat? What is the fun in cheating with somebody who has given you everything you need? THere is no point. If you are not happy with your partner just leave him or her for once and for all but why cheat and keep more than one person in your life? 

It might just be fun for a couple of days or weeks to be with someone else but it would turn into a nightmare because the person knows that if you can cheat your existing boyfriend or husband you would cheat on him too and that where he is going to use you and throw you away and then you would have no where but to go back to the person who loved you with all his heart but guess what? he wont be there anymore. SO don't ruin your relationships for just fun of a few days.                                  

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