Chelsea Shock everyone again as the blues crashed when called favorites, Part 1

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Jose Mourinho is not the ordinary name as Manager nor the Chelsea is, both have history of dominance and huge wins, but what about the chances and return rate when both are considered at the peak of their pros. One might argue that if these two are at their peak, there can be a lot of questions out there on this but there are answers for all of those questions. Jose Mourinho no doubt is on his peak no matter how much anyone disagrees with me I will say he is at his best and will remain in his best for several years to come. Jose Mourinho being the man to take Real Madrid to the Spanish Liga trophy and breaking down Barcelona’s dominance has moved to the Chelsea club who are at the most spending years of their History. Jose Murinho has not taken the downward move in any way as he doesn’t want to remain in the club and was on the brink of Champions League victory in his short three years spell with the Madrid side, joining a side Chelsea’s caliber remains a good move in terms of spending resources if we not consider or compare the histories of the clubs. Real Madrid in every comparison shines and out scores any other team on the planet if that is compared with it.


Chelsea and Mourinho was considered a match made in heavens as both the parties are made for each other, shown by the history of the manager with the club before. Mourinho made Chelsea out thrown United and possibly break the all but 2 horse race of the Premier League between Arsenal and Manchester United. He was the man who came in took it all from the hands of United and Arsenal, he was the man who literally took Chelsea from the mediocrity to a level they won Premier League and played Champions League Final. This time Chelsea gave Mourinho unlimited amount of resources to buy big and buy what he wants, that wasn’t the only thing he had this time, there were players in Eden Hazard, Oscar, Azplicueta coming in the club in previous season and this was the real season for all of them to show their real qualities in the game and truly shine from the start to end. With squad fully in depth and power Mourinho bought a number big players with huge amount and huge reputations.


At the start of the season Chelsea were labeled as the favorite team and will be crowned Premier League winners at the end of the season. Squad has been made of enough size that Chelsea would have tabled two different teams with very strong players that could have won matches for Chelsea. The start of the season for Chelsea was a little bit inconsistent but was satisfactory with Chelsea drawing their match against Manchester United and then loosing the match against Everton at Goodison Park. However, these teams are strong enough and can compete with any side in the Premier League so Chelsea’s results were not taken as a big concern. Chelsea later in the season Chelsea showed some remarkable performances and won a number of matches as the team stayed at top competing with Arsenal.

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