Chest of dead man

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Every life have dreams. When a child reach at the stage of thinking and understanding he starts dreaming. By time different types of wishes, urges, desires and needs came to him. He wants to get all things he wants. It is human physic that if his one need fulfilled then another born. And he tries, maunder and fight with time and this society to fulfil his quest.

A small child persist to his parents to fulfil his wish. If parents are not able to fulfil it then he weeps cry and become angry with his loving and caring parents. With the time passing he wishes what he get easily due to his maturity in his thinking. He realized that now there is no one who fulfils his desire due to his weeping or crying. He knows that it is no use of crying. And he know that he had to work hard and straggles to get his goal. Most of people in their old age have no desires cause of failures and hardness they face in their youth. In real they are the chest of dead man as their all hart wishes died and their hart become an empty box of blood.  


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