Chicken Fried Noodles Recipe

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(A pound of chicken breast) bone lace
     Egg noodles half a packet
     Oil for frying
     Two tablespoon corn flour
     Salt to taste
     (A teaspoon pepper) chopped
     (Egg half) was whipped
     Four to five pieces of garlic gambling
     Two tablespoon lemon juice
     Four tbsp Chile sauce
     One carrot
     A number Capsicum
     Two pieces of green onion
     Two tablespoon brown sugar


  Egg noodles before boiling and deep-fried in oil and keep aside.

     Chicken, cut into strips in a bowl of corn flour, salt, pepper and egg, mix carefully and deep fry in hot oil.

     So two tablespoon oil in pan and add garlic and red make gambling.

     Now the lemon juice, chili sauce, carrots, capsicum, green onions, brown sugar and add the chicken was fried and Cook well.

     Mix well, then it will be removed and put on top of fried noodles Serve hot or warm.


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