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In developing countries poverty is a major problem. According to UNICEF more than half of children are tailing under conditions resembling labour. Child labour is though as a problem of developing countries but in real the developed countries also have some ratio of child labour.

Also 300 million children aged above 10 years are engaged in different works. United states, one of the richest countries have a high proportion of child labour Majority of children work for their families for from the reach of law. In recent research a large number of occupations ranging from brick making and stone breaking are identified which are mainly adopted by the children’s for work. There had been different laws the defined child labor, laid down rules and regulations governing such labor and pronounced the penalties for their infringement. Child labour is directly associated with increase in industrial production and increase in capitalism. This is not to imply that children did not work in earlier ages. In India almost 60 million children work and is increasing by 20% every year.

The step of regulate child labour began is in England in 18th century when development of large scale manufacturing had resulted in exploitation of young children’s in mining and industrial work. In conclusion labour policies should be made and implemented in such a way that the employment in hazardous jobs and their exploitation by employers be checked and such practice should be positively discourged

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