Childhood as an heaven

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 Childhood is an awesome journey and of anyone’s life. It is a time period of fun outstanding joy it is a name of not to know. Any body has a good life during this time period.

It’s a chance in any body’s life to do any thing without any trouble he does not have to bear the burden of life he has no worries. A person can live a fabulous life during childhood.

His or her parents took care of them. Kids do not have to earn for themselves to run vehicle of their life. They fully enjoy their life without any sufferer and there are no pains and tensions in the life of a kid.

The persons have their own and very innocent ideas and thoughts in their early life. They just do not care about the worlds problems they have an awesome view about all things in the world. They take things for granted and do not things much about life.

The people in childhood have their own glorious world. They share things with each other cares and do not deceive anyone. They are totally harmless. All people have a beautiful childhood. When people thing of their early life man sweet memories comes to their mind and they desire to go back in that life to see it and feel the charms of their burden less life.

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