China from a Foreigner's eye

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Hi everyone, My name is Mehtab and I just joined this site, so thought to share something interesting with you guys, okay so let's start with my introduction.

I am bachelor's student, studying at university here in china.Its been a while that I am having this thought to share some experience with you guys, so  I will always try to write something beyond the "WALL" so you can know something on ground here.

Firstly for starters, who don't know anything besides that everything is "made in china" tagged, the first thing he/she probably should know is how to say Hello. Its "ni hao" the first world pronounce like "Knee" in English, and "Hao" is probably easy to pronounce.

well, how to write chinese characters, what exactly is chinese culture , what are their thoughts about foreigners from different countries, and last but not the least " What is an avarage chinese person's lifestyle?? All of these questions will be answered in coming blogs, so stay connected :) 

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