Cigarettes should be banned from our society

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Cigarettes should be ban from our society.
There are many reasons why people die. People die because of calamities like earthquake, typhoon and some people also die because of some illness. But one more reason why people die because of cigarettes. We all know that there are many bad effects of cigarettes in our society even for those who do not smoke they can get this bad effects because of the second-hand smoke coming from the cigarettes. There are many disease that we can get from cigarettes most of this diseases are deadly like asthma, lung cancer, Parkinson’s disease and etc.
Cigarettes should be totally banned from the society because it can really harm many people. Even in studies in researches prove that smoking is really dangerous in our health. I know that our government collects 70% tax from cigarette companies but if you will think about not the cigarette companies are really paying this taxes they pass it to the consumers so the consumers will take the burden of tax increase in cigarettes and the poor people who smoke will take the weight of this tax increase. Cigarettes are bad to every individual because of the chemicals that is in the cigarettes, this chemicals can also harm our nature it can contribute to air pollution. Cigarettes should be ban for the next generation and for our children. If I ask you what if your son/daughter would smoke too? Would you like to see them die early? No, right? I am not saying that cigarettes should be ban now, as in now because I know that if cigarettes would be totally banned from the society many will get angry because we all know that this is a business and many people make living because of cigarettes. I am only bringing this article to each and everyone who can read this and for those who smoke to open their eyes from the bad side effects of cigarettes in our society.
If this cigarettes will be totally ban soon many will benefit including the next generation. Imagine a smoke free society, if an individual is healthy there will be a healthy society, if there is a healthy society there will be a healthy country and everyone would be happy and healthy. The next generation would enjoy a cigarette free country.



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