Citadel Company and Film Treatment writing in Afghanistan

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Dear students,

Film treatment writing help the societies to improve and get more promotions. Afghanistan with several decades of war could not get any promotions in this important field. But, lately our society could step into this way and have some promotions.

The teenagers and youths of our country are very interested in their homeland movies. They are hopeful that one day their homeland movies could extend in the world between more people. The domestic movies did not have good quality up to now, based on the problems that our society and country had. Citadel Company with Cooperation of Filmannex platform, an American website, could hold some Film treatment writing in the girl schools of Herat city. There are a lot of students who are interested in it and are very grateful for the opportunity that is prepared for them.

In the past week, the first course of film treatment writing finished and a ceremony by Citadel Company held in Education department of Herat to admire the best students in film treatment writing. Head of the education department, teachers and some students attended in this ceremony. Some students got gifts from the Citadel Company.  At the end, the students thanked from the Company for the opportunities and facilities that are prepared for them to improve their knowledge. 

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