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Life is a complex series of events that shapes our personal and business existence. A complex aspect is to make this series of events and wisdom understandable by younger people, especially when they are raised and educated in different cultures and parts of the world. With the Women's Annex Foundation, I was given the opportunity to share my experiences with thousands of young women in need of education, guidance and vocational inspiration.


Every successful company has a mission and series of tasks to accomplish. Every person working in a company can share her or his story and suggestions, giving precious guidance and mentorship. In today's world, we can do it at no cost and no risk. This is the ultimate application of the concept of Citizenship, Education, Entrepreneurship and Development Without Borders.


Here are the simple steps that you or your company can take to make a difference:

  1. Register on

  2. Upload videos, articles and blogs about your life, experience and wisdom in a format that can be understood by a young person who might have a much different cultural upbringing. The Women's Annex Foundation will coach you on how to make your content understandable and adapted to the culture of the students.

  3. Monitor the work of the young women and men that learn from your wisdom.

  4. Reward their work and help kickstart their life.


Thanks to the Women's Annex Foundation's support, I was able to use Film Annex's experience, as well as my personal one to achieve the following goals:

We connected 55,000 young women and men in Central Asia to the World Wide Web with an average cost of $13 per student.

We empowered 3,000 female students in Central Asia to generate an average income of $3.84 per day* from their blogs and videos, an income well above the national average of older male counterparts.





What the collaboration between Film Annex and the Women's Annex Foundation have done seems to be an incredible achievement, but it's really in within the reach of any successful and driven company or business person who has wisdom to share. The only hurdle is to repackage the wisdom of a life into simple and motivating terms to empower young minds to leap forward. The student's creativity and the Women's Annex Foundation's expertise will do the rest.

In addition to empowering young students, Film Annex learn from them a great deal of new opportunities and adapted its online strategy offering:

  • Bitcoin payments.
  • Bitcoin to Gift MarketPlace.
  • New User Interface for logged in users, with nicknames and avatars to preserve their privacy and security.

This gave Film Annex a very special advantage compared to traditional Social Media Networks !


Please donate today to support Women's Annex Foundation:




Bitcoin Wallet Donation: 1GetpNN3M8uBZznuQnucywSSKktAc5iecV


If you are not part of the Film Annex and Women's Annex family, please help me support Women's Annex Foundation and register at Women's Annex today by clicking here.


Picture courtesy of Angela Shah, Newsweek - The Daily Beast.


Thanks for reading.

Francesco Rulli


* The income is generated by a monthly amount of money dedicated by Film Annex to the Development and Production of Digital Content and measured with the BuzzScore, a proprietary algorithm that measures the quality of the content, the reach and influence of the students.

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