Civilian Casualties A Part of War

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Civilian Casualties  in Afghanistan

As the war in Afghanistan rolls on and on, there is a real focus on the number of civilian casualties that are occurring in increasing numbers.  According to this video the numbers of those killed or wounded including women and children went up 31% from 2009-2010.  The number of causalties that were children was up 51%.  It is clear that changes need to be made to make sure that the number of innocent victims goes down.


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Civilians as Targets

It is common for people to believe that using civilians as appropriate military targets is a new phenomenon.  However it has been used an an accepted tactic of war for many conflicts now.  In the Civil War it was the North's war upon the citizens of the South that ultimately led to their victory.  In World War II it was common place to target civilian populations.  Allies bombed German cities almost nightly as the war progressed and the Japanese surrender was finally procured when the United States made the decision to drop two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The most devastating attack on a civilian population in wartime.  So we cant be surprised that insurgents in Afghanistan are using this same tactic, to try to gain victory in a war that has gone on way too long.

Plea to Stop Attacking Civilians

The point of the video was that pleas need to go out to both sides to stop targeting civilian populations in Afghanistan.  Most of this video which is presented in a very factual way, without any supporting video or eye witness account, makes this plea.  No way, we shouldn't sanction the bombing of schools?  We shouldn't support the killing of innocent people?   Let's face it, all of these pleas are not for the Americans, because we are the ones building the schools and protecting the people.  These pleas are for the insurgents who bomb schools, and destroy civilian populations because they think they can win This is A Futile Plea Unfortunately, we are not dealing with sane, rational individuals.  We are dealing with people who are uneducated and anti-American.  Looking to gain an advantage any way they can.  They see schools built by the West as a threat to them and as a symbol of oppression in many ways.  This video is useless as a tool to stop violence in Afghanistan.  The only way to eventually stop the violence, is to end the war.


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