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Today, I am going to write this article on claiming bitcoin on BitLanders. A lot of my friends has asked me regarding how to claim Bitcoin, or their question would be what should they do even when they claim the Bitcoins and they are delivered to - but what next?

As you know that the BitLander's system has changed from the previous version and we got to keep an eye on system change or upgrade. Before the system change, we used to request for Bitcoins and they would be sent directly to our wallet and then we could withdraw them whenever we wanted. But, it is not like that today.

Now, whenever you want to claim your Bitcoins, you will have to provide your email address (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) of the account where you registered to receive/send Bitcoins, e.g. BlockChain. Then you will have to keep an eye on any email sent from BitLanders or BlockChain (or similar website where you registered). You must also check your Junk/Spam folder to see if the email landed there. As soon as you receive the email, you can click on the provided link and claim your BitCoins, sent by BitLanders to your BlockChain or any other similar account.

I have two friends who complained that they have not yet received any similar email from either side, while their payment is already delivered. Like them, you can write an email to support staff. For Bitlanders, you can contact and for BlockChain or any other website, you can go to their support or contact page and send them email and register your complain regarding not having the payment delivered or received.

I urge you to share and read this article so that others who are in doubt can know too. I always try to do my best to answer the questions frequently asked and try to provide as much information as possible. If you are still in doubt regarding not getting any part of this article, or any other questions, please do send me a message through BitLanders and I will try my best to address it and answer with information available at hand.

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