“Class Trip To MakshPuri”

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we were all excited about our trip to Makshpuri, a 9200 feet elevated mountain in the nathiagali hills where one can reach by trekking either from nathia gali track or Dunga Gali track. We had packed our bags and were ready to go. On the day of the trip we were all worried because the weather was cloudy and there was a chance that the trip might be cancelled. Luckily, the weather started to clear after an hour and one of the friends called me to say that the trip was on.


                                                   I jumped out of bed and packed my water bottles and launch boxes. I wore my trekking shoes and ran to my school because I thought that the bus might be leaving. Luckily, I reached in time and jumped onto bus. Our journey towards makhspuri top had started and it would take us about two hours to reach Dunga gali from where our journey on foot would commence.


During the bus ride, we kept on listening to different hit songs on the tape recorder while the students clapped in unison to encourage our friends who were dancing. We reached the foot of the mountain in the anticipated time of two hour and then we started our journey on foot towards the mountain top. My friend and class fellow yasmeen had been to the top before this trip, and he knew the way. Our teacher advised her to be careful but she ran towards a stream and fell into it. We laugh at her and she laughed with us, but she looked injured even though she didn’t show the pain.


We reached the top and had some slides down the snowy slops. We stayed for an hour or so at the top and had our lunch there. After that we started playing around, through snowballs at each other and look photographs.


Then we come back we were very tired when we reached the bottom of the hill. It was already getting dark. We enjoyed alot



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