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BitLanders is unique and so is the ideas they always come up every once in a while. Today, I found quite a few links for Web TVs but my eyes were stuck on one link that I always loved - the classics, shown on Classimatic.com.

When you go to Classimatic.com, you will see two sections: Channels and Movies. I first clicked on Movies section and found my favourite Charlie Chaplin in "Genetleman of Nerve". Though it lasted for almost 11 minutes, but it brought back my memories from childhood when we had Black and White television at home and used to watch Charlie Chaplin on it.

I also found "Betty Boop" series and I am going to watch it at my leisure time as well as Popeye the Sailor, which has been my all time favourite since my childhood. Classimatic has provided me to watch these movies that I actually forgotten about long time and was hard to find them anywhere on the web.

In the "Channels" section, I came across Tarzan - yes, the Tarzan that you might remember watching on your television sets. This series is a "silent" series - there is no sound as it is afterall a CLASSIC at Classimatic. I honestly think I found a site where I can re-live my old and childhood life and I am going to experience it.

I would like to thank BitLanders for providing such an awesome platform to watch what may bring our memories back.


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