Co-Education ( Part 1 )

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Co-education has made a rapid progress in modern times. It was first introduced and adopted in Switzerland, but now even the most backward countries of the world seem to favour this system. In our country too Co-education at the college stage is consider with favour even by leading educationist. At present there is coeducation only in few colleges of our country. But as the supporters of this system have very cleverly urged the commission on national education to recommend it as a useful system for the people of this country. It is feared that in the near future almost all the colleges of the country will adopt this system at all stages.



In the first place they tell us that coeducation is an economic necessity in out country. This economy is still more necessary in technical and vocational institution where it is not possible to have separate laboratories for boys and girls. Moreover they plead it is unwise and uneconomical to have two colleges where one can serve the purpose both for the boys and girls. Some people believe that it is the waste of money to maintain a double system of education and to establish separate colleges for the boys and girls.

The other point which is that they put forward with a still greater force is concerning the social contact which coeducation provides for the two sexes. The supporters of coeducation believe that if our young boys and girls are educated together, they shall develop a sort of mutual understanding which may prove helpful in there future life as men and women.


The opponents of coeducation argue that in a country like ours, the system of coeducation is not practicable because physiologically our boys and girls become young at an early age and their consciousness of the sex is quite sharp when they reach the college stages. Under such condition Coeducation may excite in them the sex urge and divert their attention from their studies. We should also take into consideration the fact that our youths are more likely to misuse the opportunity of free mixing than to use it properly. If they are brought by the system of coeducation it will upset the whole society. Secondly every one knows that the aim of education for the two technically trained and skilled man. 


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