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                                       Haseeb ur Rehman


Co-education means the education of boys and girls together in the same schools, colleges and universities. This concept of education is flourishing throughout the world. It has made a rapid progress in the modern world.It has become very popular in the western countries. They fully support this concept of education.

The supporters of co-education in our country support this system of education on socio-economic grounds. These arguments are very sound. They offer the arguments that co-education is an economical system in a poor country, like Pakistan. They are of the view that our country can not establish and maintain separate colleges and universities for boys and girls.

The supporters of co-education also argue that the social constants between the boys and girls are useful in many respects. If the boys and girls are educated together in the colleges, they will be able to develop a mutual understanding among themselves. The boys will become polite and civilized, while the girls will get rid of their creates a spirit of competition in studies. Both the boys and girls try their best to beat one another in studies and other extra curricular activities. It makes the students well-mannered, well-disciplined and well organized.
One school of thought opposes this system of education.

They argue that this system of education is not practicable in Pakistan. They are justified in in their logic but it is based on narrow minded approach. They say that the boys and girls become young enough at an early age. They do not develop themselves mentally. They do not know how to understand their emotional, feelings as they have no education. They are of the view that both the boys and girls develop some immoral and illicit relation. So, they strongly oppose it.

In short, education is our vital need. Without it we cannot progress. We should promote co-education only at university and not at school and college level.

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