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Education is derived from word “Talum” which means getting knowledge. Now a days it becomes important to get education for men and women. A person cannot survive without education. It not only increase knowledge it also change the life style of a person. Our country also needs educated people for its development and progress.


Men and women get education. Most of the institutions provide co education, where men and women get education at same class. Co education is provided at school level collage level and at university level. Now it becomes common. There are advantages and also disadvantages of co education. Some of these are following:


Advantages: The advantages of co education are that it increases the confidence of students’ speacially girls. It increases the competition because where men and women get education at same place they both wanted to do better than others. Confidence means a person able to speak well to sit comfortably and listen well.


Disadvantages: The disadvantages of co education are that it increases negative competition. It also affects the behavior of students. Un useful competition of fashion also increases among them. Sometimes litigation may start between male and female students because of difference in point of view. So there are both aspects of co education negative and positive. It is up to students that they how think about co education.  

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