Code to Inspire - Uplifting Women in Afghanistan with Technology and Coding

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Dear Friends,

Here at Code to Inspire, We are very grateful and delighted to have you as an inspiring friend helping us to reach our mission and vision. We are excited to share that we just launched our Indiegogo campaign and had a wonderful kick off.


Don't forget that It is a tough, challenging but inspiring life for women in Afghanistan, they should raise your voice and fight for your right. security and safety, cultural, social, traditional and economical factors put women in a competitive disadvantage in Afghanistan.

With Code to Inspire, we are going to teach the girls how to code and become a programmer where they don't need to travel geographically and being worried about boundaries limitations.

They can come online, work online and get paid online.


"We are proud to have you as an INSPIRING friend. The generous support of individuals like you make it possible for the girls in Afghanistan to overcome the challenging barriers. You EMPOWER THEM ONLINE and make them a DIGITAL CITIZEN of the world."

                                                                              Fereshteh Forough - Founder & CEO


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A filed 501 c 3 that is committed to educating female
students in Afghanistan and improving their technical literacy by teaching them how to code so that they can find future employment as a freelancer and get involved in entrepreneurship and technological innovations.

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