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Coffee is a beverage which is prepared from the baked seeds of tropical bush. Most of us are so much addicted to coffee as we really like to start our morning with cup of coffee. Some actually think that their lives are incomplete in the absence of coffee.  America is the biggest exporter of coffee, which is about 45% of the world’s total coffee export. Remarkably coffee is the second most traded product on earth.

Discovery of the coffee is quite interesting and was the accident. Back in 9th-Century Ethiopian Shepherd’s actually discovered it when they saw that their goats are “dancing” after eating coffee barriers. That was the first time someone figures out the effect of these coffee beans.

African tribes originally used these coffee beans, they are actually eating these coffee barriers, they mixed it with fat and it formed edible they also called this an “energy balls”.

There is also another interesting story related to coffee that in ancient Arab culture the only way a woman could legally divorce if her husband didn’t provide her enough coffee.

Coffee beans grow on a tree.  These beans are actually the seed inside of a “Red Berry”. These coffee barriers are picked dried and are roasted at a temperature around 500F. After few minutes these beans will ‘pop’ and becomes double in size and after second ‘pop ‘bean is now ready to fulfill its destiny.

Caffeine truly provides a short term memory boost by affecting the particular area of brain which is responsible for memory.

Regular consumption of coffee may help you to prevent from Alzheimer disease. Coffee also lowers the depression rate in both men and women.

According to research the rate of heart diseases is up to 20% lower in regular coffee drinkers, it also reduce certain cancers. According to research of Harvard school of public health suggests that drinking four to five cups of coffee daily decreased the risk of liver, colon, breast and rectal cancers in women’s.

Now fitness experts recommend coffee before and after workout. It helps to fight against tiredness which may lead you to exercise longer. 

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