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I've been dreaming a lot lately.  Last night I dreamt I was back at Missouri Valley College, rearranging the trophy case.  Over the balcony lay wrestling mats were the Lady Vikings were getting ready for a dual meet.  It triggered me to look back on my college experience and then of course share it with you. 
I had only wrestled for one high school season when recruited for the Moval Women's Wrestling team after placing all-american in a high girl's national championship.  Everyone there was a stud and because they were so much better than I was at the time, I got better...faster.  Many of my teammates went on to have successful wrestling careers, making national, world and olympic teams.  Clarissa Chun even has a Bronze Medal from the 2012 London Games.  
Photo:  Match vs. 2004 Olympian Tela O'Donell 

Wrestling on an all lady's team was ideal.  I didn't have enough experience to qualify for the Olympic Training Center so this served as a building block for my future in wrestling. My first year goal was not to get pinned, the next was not to get taken down and eventually, as a senior, it was to win every match.  
I went to Missouri Valley College because they were one of the schools that offered scholarships for Women's Wrestling.  Not only did I get to focus on my sport, but obtained two degrees and comissioned for officer through the Viking Detachment Reserve Officer Training Course (ROTC).  Best decision ever!
I've been dreaming a lot lately...about winning a gold medal.  The only way to have a chance for your dreams to come true, is if you can first see the vision clearly in your mind. 
2012 Olympic Team Trials-Iowa City 
Watch a match vs. Summer Sistad of Missouri Valley College:

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