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Beauty is all around us. It is in the trees, the air we breathe, the different views we take in. I don’t like to limit the idea of beauty to only cosmetics because I believe that like with art you can find beauty in everything. Granted some mascara and eyeliner will obviously change your appearance and make you feel good it’s not always that particular aspect to feel beautiful. Here on the east coast the air is getting crispy, the leaves are already turning and the winter blues are slowly starting to peak through. For those who prefer the warm weather might be bummed out about the winter coming in full swing. In order to alleviate these feelings I recommend wearing warm colors and neutral eye shadows to take on the winter like a pro   


I am a strong believer of color therapy and choosing the right color can reflect on your mood. For example if you wear the color Green it is considered one of the most healing and earthy colors. It represents growth, new beginnings. Wearing the color Blue will channel your comfort zone. It will make you feel calm and serene especially when you are nervous about a job interview, or a big presentation. Darker colors such as grey and black are the staples for any fashionista. Black and grey tend to show that you want to blend into the crowd and keep a low profile. On a lighter note wearing the color Orange will channel your creative side and give you a lot of energy. Since it is such a bright color you don’t have to go full on orange…a simply accessory will do just the trick to expose your playful side.


Picking Pink/ Purple you are showing your compassionate yet royal and spiritual side. Burgundy, Lavender all show positive energy and make you feel in control and outstanding! Red is a powerful color, this remarkable shade will make your self esteem sky rocket. (A helpful tip: wearing red nail polish gives off a powerful vibe and shows your confidence in a non obvious manner. Very helpful when going on a job interview). Last but not least is Yellow, this color is perfect for those gloomy rainy days where you feel like your spirit may need a lift. In case you are feeling down throw on a yellow scarf or gloves and feel the instant lift in your mood. So turn that frown upside down and make this winter the most colorful yet!



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Kat Najsarek is a College of Staten Island Psychology graduate. She is very artistic, a lover of animals and a traveler. Kat is highly opinionated and sociable, just trying to find her path in this world.

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