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The three most effective body-weight exercise that is still used in the world of martial arts and that was used during the olden times was called, “ROYAL COURT”.Sometimes modern MMA fighters even termed this as “Combat Conditioning”.


There are only three major exercise that was included on the exercise. The body is divided into two major parts. The lower body part and the upper body part. 


For the lower body part: Hindu Squat is used to develop the lower part and lung power. Squat down and when your butt touches your calves go up while you sway your arms in front, exhale on top. Do this up to 50 repetitions. 


Then go down for a Hindu pushup, go down in push up position while your butt sticks up in the air, lower down to your chest and with a big circular motion push up, and look up high exhale on top of that. Do this for at least 30-50 repetitions. And the last one is the wrestler's bridge. 


Go down to wrestler's bridge and put all the weight on your forehead. This will give your spine a sure stretch. Stay on that position for around 3 minutes. This will give your body a super isometric stretch. 


Repeat the pattern 3 or more times and do not rest between sets for maximum intensity if you want to focus on your lung power and over-all strength. 


Do this at least 3 times a week. Good luck to a new you in 12 weeks after the exercises. Please consult a physician before going to any physical exercises.

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