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Library is a place of books, as book is the best friend of human, so library is a place of meeting friends where all your friends are waiting for you who want you to read them and enjoy talking with them for free, so come to library!

Library has a vast catalogue of books available to any citizens who wish to improve their studies and knowledge or to study for understanding, or simply have a good book to read.

Libraries provide access to information and multiple points of view about many subjects, helping people get rid of fences that obstruct cultural vision as well as providing the ability to communicate and to educate ourselves. By giving an atmosphere that stimulates curiosity, libraries create opportunities for learning, discovery and researches.

Here books are available for lending free of charge. People can come to the library to read, or they can take the books home for some days. A lot of university and school students come here every day to study and as well as some senior citizens.

Librarians with their collections, programs and professional expertise, help their guests to find books they are looking for. This didactic and cultural location relates to information and culture department of a country.

By Mohammad Elias Hatimi

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