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What is Communication?


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Communication is the way to communicate with one another in several ways.
Communication is done not only by speaking with the man in front of you but it is of different types.
For the first of all the most common and the most used type of communication is by speaking.



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In speaking you utter words from your mouth and the other person listen that words and both of you communicate in this way. But for this, the other should know what you are talking if he understands your language then both of you can do communication very well. Your speed of talking should not be so fast that he cannot understand all your words easily and clearly and also your voice should not be so low that he cannot listen properly what you are talking. In this type of communication you have to take care of these rules or else you cannot communicate well with any other person.


Eye contact:

Eye contact is very important thing while communication by the speaking method because if you are talking with one person and your eyes are on other then the person you are talking will think that your confidence is low and also he will not be so attentive to your discussion but if you keep your eyes to the person you want to talk then this will leave a great impact on him about you that your confidence as well and he will be attractive to listen to our discussion.



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When you are giving presentation in office, class or any other place your movement has a great Impact on the listeners if you are giving presentation in class and you keep on one place then the other students sitting another side of the place you are standing will not be so attractive to listen to your discussion for their attraction you have to keep moving not so much but as much so that they keep looking at you and keep attractive.



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You cannot keep your arms in one place or your eyes on one person all time because their movement has an impact. If you have watched great professors or scholars addressing to others they do not keep their arms in one place but they move their hands to do different types of actions likewise they do not keep looking at place but they keep looking at all people over there so that they can keep gaining their attraction and to keep everybody attractive.

Speed and Volume:


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The most important and the most useful way to make the great impact on others and to deliver message easily is your speed and your volume of talking. You should keep your speed as much as you think that the listeners will understand your talking and will get it. Another thing is your volume you should not speak so loud that others feel discomfort if they feel they will remain far from you and also if your volume is so low that it is difficult for others to understand what you are talking this will also make a bad impression. You should speak at the volume so that others can listen and understand it easily.

Benefits of these Rules:


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By applying these rules in your communication you can gain the great attention from others and can deliver your message in a very great way and everybody will get what you want to say. By doing all this you will soon watch that this has a great impact on your personality and everybody wants to talk to you.

By Writing:

In writing communication you can do it by several ways the most used and easy ways are as follows:


This method is for far communication although this type of communication lacks nowadays this was a great way to communicate with your relatives. In this, you write your message on a sheet of paper and send it but this is not so easy this type of communication has also the great impact on the reader.
There are different types to improve this. Those are your Handwriting, Paragraphs, and Sections.



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The handwriting was and still, it has the great impact on readers. Like when you are studying your teachers keep telling you that if you keep your handwriting good you will gain good grades and this is the truth. When you start reading someone’s written work if his/her handwriting is so clear and good that you can understand it very easily you will surely make good impressions about him. And you will understand what the message is in it.



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If you merge different advises together in one paragraph no one will understand even one and will not act upon that but if you make different paragraphs for every topic reader will get it easily what you want to say in this and what is in next. Paragraphs also make it easy for you to deliver message easily.


Different sections are that if are talking with some friend far from you first you write about his health in the second section you write about his study and in other you write about his family. By this way, you communicate well and in a decent way and the reader also understand what you want to say and this gives create great impressions on him/her.

Benefits of these Rules:


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By applying these rules you can deliver your message to your decoder very easily and he will understand it easily and will not face any difficulty and make good impressions about you.

Another way to send the written message:


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You can send written the message on the computer also by E-mail. In this method, you can also apply these rules and can send your message in a very decent way and the reader could get it easily. But in this type you do not write by your own and writing does not matter if your own handwriting is bad because the computer will write and writing is same on the computer.


All this is for you to communicate well in your society because today your communication matters so much and if cannot communicate well others will look down upon you. So you should improve your communication skills by this way to apply these rules.

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