Computer Mouse And It’s Types

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Computer Mouse And It’s Types

Mouse is a pointing device which is used with computer as a pointing device. It give input to the computer when you move around on a flat surface of anything or touch his any key. When we want  to select anything on screen. We move pointer and select him.We use it for opening and closing any program and other menus who show on the scre.



There are two basic types of muse (pointing device). Who use with computer in these days.
(1)    Mechanical Mouse
It is the first and common type of mouse. When we move this mouse on a flat surface , a small rubber ball is in the hole that is in the bottom of the mouse case. Rollers and sensors who is in the mouse , send signal to the pc and tell the about mouse movement.



(2). Optical Mouse
It is non mechanical mouse. It is the popular type of pointing device. In this a beam of lesere who is inside the mouse is reflect and the sensor judge the  movment pointing device. We use it on any flat surface.

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