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Computer is the best invention for the humans.It is a electronics device.In the earlier of time the computer is so large and expensive but with the passage of time they are going to very small and less cost less weight.

There are many types of computer like personal computer mini computer notebook computer super computer and main frame computer.

Computer have many parts like keyboard, mouse, monitor scanner, speaker, plotter, printer, light pen, ram, processor, motherboard, and etc.

The most important part of computer is Processor it is known as the heart or brain of the computer and many types of processor use like Pentium series and cor series, and I series etc.

It is make our life more easy it oprate very fast and done work 100 % accurate.It is using in every where in the world and the most of population are using computer.we cane say that computer is every where.

There are many companies that are making the computers but the dell and h.P are those companies that people like very much.

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