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An electronic machine which can store, process and perform different operations is known as computer .Commonly people say that the very first computer was abacus. Abacus is a tool which was used to perform arithmetic operations. But modern computers are very different and improved. The first computer was designed in 1940s. It was one of the most amazing inventions of that time.

Computers can perform a lot of functions which may help us almost every field of life. Computer can do billions of calculations and tasks in few seconds. As time passed scientist came up with new ways to run computer more fast. After working 20 years in 1960s scientist made a tiny chip called silicon or microchip. This tiny thing controls all function which are to be performed in computer.



Charles Babbage who is known as the father of computer build the first mechanical computer .And in 1991 it started working. Computer was basically designed to handle information. We feed the data in computer ,that data is called input. Computer processes this input perform, performs functions on it and then gives us a result in the form of output. A computer has hardware and software. Hardware ,the physical parts of computer e.g keyboard, mouse etc .And software are the computer programs. These days computers are used to control factories. In homes it is used for writing, listening, music etc. Computers have made our life very easy and is one of the most helpful machines.

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