Condition of railways in Pakistan

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Railways are the source of travelling. They are very fast and can travel a lot within no time. These are at the third number in the sense of fast speed. They have many facilities in the developed countries.

But the situation in our state is changed. The condition of expresses is highly poor and deplorable. First of the problem is that they are very few in number there quantity is very less and unable to meet the needs of people.


There quality is also very poor. The railway and the lines are damaged. Trains never come on the time there are many reasons for there this condition. Sometimes lack of the proper fuel supply is the problem.

Sometimes there are machinery problem and as they are insufficient in quantity so they fails to come on time and give the best performance. Who is responsible for their poor condition who will suffer and who will give of them this is still in question mark. Our leaders are mean and very selfish.

They think for their own benefits they never think in public favors. They give up the state’s benefits and they are busy in making money for their own selves. They use the money of the railway progress in waste full things. The result is the poor condition of important way of travelling the trains.

We should set up them at the local level and government can earn a lot of money from these ways and can use this money on public welfare programs.

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